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    Don’t Skip These 6 Smart Moving Tips

    No matter how much you prepare and how excited you are about your new home, moving will always be a bit stressful.  There are endless to-do’s and tiring tasks, and once you’re finished, there’s still unpacking and organizing to be done. Even so, you can take steps to streamline your relocation and minimize problems. Are you planning to move properties soon? Take a look at these helpful tips as you get started. Declutter and donate. Your first step should be to declutter your house and donate any items you no longer need. You should do this a few months out — long before you start packing.  Start vetting and reserving…

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    March Market Summaries-by City & County

    These city & county market summaries are great for your market dynamics conversations with clients: List vs Sales price ratio, days on market, average sold price per sq feet, absorption rate, months of inventory. Look like the pro you are! They are also great to upload right into your Moxi Present CMA and Highnote. I can also filter the property type, price point, bed/bath, etc by any city or zip in California for you by request. CLICK HERE to access market summaries for the following cities and counties (both Detached and Condo/Townhouse reports included): The updated reports are also HERE in our Best of Breed essentials Highnote link, under TrendGraphix Monthly Market Summaries .

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    How Could Biden’s Tax Plans Affect Real Estate?

    President Biden is working on a new tax plan that will raise tax rates for some. The increases could be among the most significant since the 1990s, and real estate investors and professionals are looking at the proposed plan to see how it might affect them. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from 2017 put in place quite a few measures affecting property owners. For example, there was a $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions. There was also a lower limit on the mortgage interest deductions. Instead of deducting up to $1 million, taxpayers can deduct the interest on loans up to a maximum of $750,000. Democrats are…

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    How To Identify And Avoid Dangerous Hazards In Your Home

    It’s safe to say that none of us is purposely making our homes a hazard. And, no matter how hard we try, accidents still happen. But there is nothing more important than protecting ourselves, our families, and our investment. “The home is supposed to be where you and your family are safe and protected but every year accident and emergency units deal with serious injuries and sometimes fatal accidents that occur in the home,” said StaySafe. “It is not just children and the elderly that can come to harm in the home with things like chemicals and choke hazards. Accidents in the home claim 18,000 lives each year in America alone,…

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