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    How do you know when it’s time to sell?

    The housing market has stayed competitive for months, and if you’re like many property owners, you’ve probably thought about selling. But is this the right time? Selling your home is a big decision, and pinpointing the perfect time to make your move can be challenging. Here are a few questions to consider if you want to explore what it would look like to put your home on the market soon. READ MIORE…

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    Olivewood Quick Move-In Homes

    Welcome Home to Olivewood Discover vibrant vistas and rustic charm at Olivewood, an idyllic gated community with new homes in Beaumont, CA. With a short commute to nearby golf courses and lush state parks, you’ll experience tranquility in one of the best places to live in Riverside County. READMORE…

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    Does Saving Up for a House Seem Hopeless? A Guide for Today’s Tough Market

    For those of you who hope to buy a home soon in today’s high-priced market, probably the most daunting hurdle is amassing the down payment. With the median home price currently hovering around $400,000, a 20% down would amount to a whopping $80,000. Now, who has that much laying around? Anyone? Further complicating matters is that you’re saving up for more than a house. You might be simultaneously socking away money for retirement, paying down credit card debt or college loans, or setting aside something for the day your kid heads off to college, too. READ MORE…

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    Housing Market Predictions 2022

    Low inventory, fervid competition and massive price gains have battered buyers since 2020, but now rapidly rising mortgage rates are making it even harder to purchase an affordable home. For many buyers, higher mortgage rates mean they can no longer afford homes in specific price ranges. The problem is that even modest single-family homes cost as much as lavish pads did a few years ago, so buyers are stuck either waiting for more inventory to come online or moving to a more affordable area. And there are many more who are hoping prices will drop—but that might not happen anytime soon. READ MORE…

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    California Housing Market: Prices | Trends | Forecasts 2022

    The California housing market sizzled last year to break all records. It was a hot seller’s real estate market. According to Zillow, at the state level, California’s housing market remains the most valuable in the country, with a total value of $9.24 trillion as of last December, accounting for more than a fifth – 21.3 percent – of the national total. However, California’s overall value growth of $1.38 trillion in 2021 represents only “20.1 percent” of the overall national growth of $6.9 trillion – somewhat “underperforming” by about -5.5 percent relative to its total weight, particularly given the extreme growth seen in other states. While January 2022 marked the first time since…

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    How to Pay for Your Home Improvements

    You’ll probably want to improve your home at some point. It might be out of necessity if you need a new roof or fence — or you might want more space or additional amenities, like an updated kitchen or a swimming pool. Whatever the reason for your projects, you’ll likely need some help paying for them. Are you planning to make some improvements around the house soon? Here are four ways to cover the costs. SEE YOUR OPTIONS >>

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