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Top Housing Markets To Watch In 2021

As 2020 nears its end, one of the more interesting developments to observe was how housing markets reacted to the events of this tumultuous year, namely, the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than simply damaging or dampening housing activity, the pandemic’s impact has been much more complex. Combined with historically low interest rates — itself a response to the pandemic’s initial impact back in March — many housing markets in the United States have been very hot in 2020. READ MORE…’s top 10 housing markets for 2021 have substantial momentum from 2020 which they will carry into 2021. Still low mortgage rates throughout most of the year help these markets see price and sales growth on top of 2020’s high levels. Economic momentum from the thriving tech industry, coupled with healthier levels of supply, will position these markets for growth in 2021. This past year, we’ve all become more reliant on technology to work, learn, and maintain personal connections. The technology hubs that make this possible are thriving, as are their housing markets. Additionally, the relative stability of government jobs in the past year has driven home prices and sales in several state capitals to the top. Home buyers, particularly younger first-time buyers, looking in one of these markets should expect rising prices and heavy competition. Meanwhile, sellers will remain in a position of power, but will find themselves on the other side of the bargaining table when buying their next home. READ MORE…

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